“I’ve worked with Eric several times over the past couple of years. He has always been very kind, professional, and very effeciant! He always has a backup plan if a camera dies or a light blows out which rarely happens anyway. I’ve always felt very comfortable and relaxed when shooting with him. He provides desired and quick results after a shoot. It’s a pleasure working with him and watching his photography expand and develop even more over the years. He is always one of the first photographers I will recommend to anyone for a photography project!” – Robyn Chari – Model


“I can always count on Eric Clark to be professional, on-time (if not early) and in a positive mood. We have worked together on numerous shoots, creating unique images with my bodypaint and his gorgeous photography. He has great studio equipment that he can take to most shooting locations. Eric is fantastic at capturing natural-looking poses. I would recommend his work for models who are just starting out, as he is great with directing poses and making you feel comfortable infront of the camera. I would also recommend his work to already established models who are looking for beautiful portraits. Eric and I have worked together at music, fashion and film events. He is a natural at being social, can capture candid moments, and has an eye for great angles and interesting compositions that make each event look amazing! Eric is a perfectionist and totally dedicated to the job– one time he worked an entire day on a film set with an injured hand, but his dedication and commitment to being awesome for everyone on-set proved to be an asset, as he captured a zillion amazing images, both behind-the-scenes and infront of a backdrop.” – Kristin Grant – Body Painter


“Eric Clark is a pleasure to work with. He showed up early for setup and was very professional. His friendly attitude made the whole experience stress-free and fun. He understood the feel I wanted for the shoot, and had many great suggestions. We had to work within a limited time frame with many looks, yet there was not a single look that I was dissapointed with. All of the photos turned out amazing. I’m excited to work with him again in the near future.” - Lyssa’s Stitchery – Clothing Designer


“Since the minute that ECC Photography showed up in our community much has happened. A dedicated professional and committed contributor, Eric just keeps showingup – not only capturing many great things that happen, but helping MAKE things happen as well. Collaborative events, model shoots, body painting shoots, fashion shoots – he’s there, making good things look great, and great things look AMAZING.” Jason  Guille – Owner The Sunset Room


“He is a man of action. He is a man of honour. He is the man behind the camera taking your picture!!! Everything from glamour to fetish this guy knows the game and he is always three steps ahead. He has a lot of concepts and is always looking forward to your ideas to enhance that portfolio of yours. You should get ahold of this man right now and get creating! He is a man of profession. He is a man of creativity. He is coming to a city near you!!!” Caressa Jay – Model


“Laid back and easy to get along with- Eric Clark is a lovely photographer to work with. His photography improves with every shoot and he always delivers beautiful images. He has a very professional demeanour and is always respectful. I’d definitely recommend working with him, and I’d work with him again.” Fiona Wade – Model and Makeup Artist


“I worked with Eric Clark when I first started modeling. He was very easy going and had a great sense of humor. He made me feel very comfortable and was able to direct me into different poses. The first shoot was so successful we have continued to shoot together. We just finished our 5th shoot together, and it was great as always! He’s very laid back and enjoyable to work with. He is very professional, punctual, and always overly prepared. His photography always turns out great. Whether it be a perfect shot, or a funny candid shot. I highly recommend working with him. I plan to continue working with him in the future.” Tia Lynn – Model


“Eric is fantastic to work with! He is professional, always prepared and produces excellent work. He can be serious when taking the shot, also a fun, cheeky asshole ;) ” Taylor Christensen – Model


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